VAFS Common Issues

Dear all pilots,

We’ve received a plenty of feedback recently regarding VAFS client issues. Please take note that most of the issues occur because users did not install the app properly. It is really important to install and run the app in a correct way which we discussed them before. Refer to installation and usage.

So please make sure you installed and run the app properly at first stage. In addition to it, there are times that flight logs cannot be uploaded. You may notice that VAFS stuck in processing files.

Do not worry about your flight. Your flight is saved in an XML file in VAFS folder. There are two possible scenarios that this issue happen.

  1. Your OS firewall. Please check whether your OS firewall allows VAFS communication with the internet. It is recommended to add VAFS manually to your firewall rules.
  2. There are special characters in your Aircraft CFG file which can not be parsed by VAFS server. You have to check the aircraft CFG file which you are flying with. Make sure there are no special characters inside the livery section. For example, I fly today with PMDG 738 no winglet with AirAsia livery. Navigate to your simulator installation folder and then SimObjects, Airplanes folder. In my case is D:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes. Then search for your aircraft folder. In my case PMDG 737-800NGX.Look for Aircraft CFG File and open it with notepad. Make sure there are nothing else in a title section rather than “-“. “/#()[]\@!^&%” any special character such as those will cause an issue. Modify the title of your livery to something else like a picture shown.Same procedure for Aerosoft add-ons for FSX and P3d. No such issue reported so far for Xplane.
    Above is about how to troubleshoot the issue. In case if it occurs again after doing above steps, please report us with necessary info and screenshots for further troubleshooting.For those users that still have an issue after doing all above steps and reported to us also, please upload a flight log manually. Your saved flight log is stored in VAFS SavedLogs folder. Example D:\VAFS5\SavedLogs. Navigate to your VAFS file installation folder, search for the latest flight log that you have done and upload it here.

If you have any doubt or questions, please contact us. Happy to help anytime.

Happy Landing!!!