How to use VAFS5 client

Before starting VAFS5 client please follow below steps:

  1. Right click on VAFS5  and click on properties.
  2. Navigate to Compatibility tab and tick Run this program as an administrator.

** You only required doing above steps one time whenever you installed the app.

  • Open the VAFS5 application, key in your username and password and login.
  • Pilot Information page gives all the information about a pilot.
  • Pilot Logbook stores all the pilot flights logs.
  • VAFS Options is regarding VAFS settings which you should change it accordingly. For prepar3d v4 users, choose WIDE FS(fsx) from Flight Sim Version.
  • Jumpseat option is free when “the airport you are at, has a route to the airport you want to go to” which appears in a dropdown list. Please be noticed that jumpseat option is not recommended. Same as the real world you can not fly with an aircraft to a destination and leave the aircraft there and come back to the origin by yourself!!!. DO NOT enter an ICAO code in a text box which is chargeable to VA. Just choose from dropdown list whatever route is available.
  • Start New Fight: This is where a pilot begins their journey. Here you can see the list of all routes from the current airport you are at. In this case in WMKK. Then you choose the destination airport you want to fly to. I’ve chosen WMKL. You are able to see the details of this flight now.
    Click on the Continue With Selected Route to proceed to cargo selection. In cargo page, select those items that you would like to. Take note of Current Payload Weight. If it is more than Max Payload then will be highlighted in red color and you need to adjust it by reducing one or more items. One more thing is Flight Sim Status. Check all three items are in Yes. This means your flight sim detected, aircraft is ready to fly and also is at the departure airport.
    Click on Select Cargo And Go To Preflight. A preflight page is all the info that a pilot needed before start a flight. Before clicking on Start This Flight, make sure that your fuel and payload is correctly set in inside your flight simulator. After checking all the info, click on Start This Flight.

    HAPPY Landing!!!